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We have worked with some great companies

These companies are trendsetters in the concrete industry! They are either using our programs, and/or they have worked with us on one or several projects. Utilising polypropylene fiber reinforcement saves time, money, and CO2 – and these companies are doing that.


Examples of past projects

PPCD have assisted in many projects in the past. A small selection of featured projects are shown below.

Frimærket, Herlev

Frimærket, Herlev

9-story residential buildings for contractor Jönsson Entreprise A/S and consulting engineer AFRY.

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Rådhusstrædet, Hillerød

Rådhusstrædet, Hillerød

5-story residential buildings for contractor CL & CO A/S and architects Mangor & Nagel A/S.

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MIAA (Made in Aarhus)

MIAA (Made in Aarhus)

Multi-storey residential buildings for contractor JCN Bolig and consulting engineer MOE A/S.

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Who we are

Designing concrete solutions using polypropylene fibers is our specialty. We are a consulting engineering company aiming for easier and better structural concrete answers. With polypropylene fibers the time of heavy lifts, corrosion, long working hours, and unsafe handling of steel bars is over.

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