Terms and Conditions

Terms, Conditions and Liability policy

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions and Liability Policy

Terms of use of PPCD ApS's website and the information and software stated thereon.

Any use of information and related graphics and / or software made available on the PPCD ApS website is at the user's own risk.

Calculations, contained in, or the result of calculations made on the PPCD ApS website, must always be subjected to a careful, professional assessment before use.

PPCD ApS disclaims any responsibility with regard to the accuracy, applicability and suitability of information provided and / or calculations made as a result of the use of the website's information and software: furthermore PPCD ApS disclaims liability for errors in software, unintended effects on users' systems, errors in information and calculated estimates, as well as other responsibilities for the context in which the information, graphics and software are used. PPCD ApS’s disclaimer applies to both direct and indirect damages, including consequential damages that may result from the use of information and / or software.

PPCD ApS is among other things - but not limited to - without liability for:

- loss of use, data or operation, including neither directly nor indirectly as a result of the use of software. Nor is PPCD ApS responsible for any transmission of viruses in connection with the use of information and / or software, regardless of whether this is done directly with PPCD ApS’s participation and / or by third parties’ misuse of PPCD ApS database / software,

- direct or indirect damage in connection with linked websites, including PPCD ApS without any responsibility for the referral, content, changes in and / or on third party websites and / or updates of linked websites. Links with references should only be considered as a service from PPCD ApS’s site, PPCD ApS assumes no responsibility for the use of link-referenced websites.

PPCD ApS assumes no responsibility for errors and inaccuracies in information and / or software, including for typographical errors. PPCD ApS reserves the right to make updates and corrections in the website's information and calculation modules at regular intervals.

The above limitations of liability are not exhaustive, as PPCD ApS, to the fullest extent possible under Danish and international law, limits its liability, so that the use of information and software from the PPCD ApS website is always solely the user's own responsibility and at the user's own risk.

Software used on the PPCD ApS website is copyrighted for PPCD ApS and software suppliers.

Copying, reproduction and redistribution of information, programs or any part thereof is prohibited by applicable law and violations may result in civil and / or criminal penalties. PPCD ApS and suppliers of software, reserve the right to prosecute abuse and / or unjustified use to the fullest extent possible.

Billing Period

Monthly User Access is monthly binding and yearly User Access is yearly binding. However, for both types of User Access we will bill you for the User Access fee to the Calculation Tools through your payment method by the end of each month. You can see your current Billing Details and User Access when you log in, and choose “Billing Details” in the “Settings” drop-down menu. To change the User Access log in and go to “User Access” in the “Settings” drop-down menu. Here you can increase or decrease the number of User Access for each Calculation Tool.

Payment method

To use the Calculation Tools you authorize us to collect payments by sending you an invoice on the given email address at the end of each month. If a payment cannot be made due to card expiry, insufficient funds or anything else and you do not delete your account, we may suspend your access to the service until we have charged the payment through a valid form of payment.

Change of User Access

You can decrease or increase the number of User Access to any of the Calculation Tools when you are logged on the “User Access” page in the “Settings” drop-down menu. Whether you decrease or increase the User Access to the different Calculation Tools, the Existing Billing and the New Billing will be visible. By clicking “Confirm New Billing” you agree to the New Billing and these Terms and Conditions. The New Billing will then become the Existing Billing until further changes are made.

Increase the User Access

You will immediately get User Access to a Calculation Tool (By changing the User Access from 0 to 1 or more) or increased number of User Access to a Calculation Tool which you already have User Access to (By changing the User Access from 1 or more to any number above that). The User Access fee will be added to billing of the current month and will be according to the maximum User Access.

Decrease the User Access

The User Access will remain until the end of the Billing Period, even though you remove the User Access to a Calculation Tool (By decreasing the User Access to 0) or just decrease The User Access (By decreasing the User Access to a lower value). This follows that the Billing will remain until the end of the Billing Period.

Price and subscription changes

From time to time, we may change our subscriptions and the price of them. However, price changes or subscription changes will apply to you at the earliest during subsequent billing periods after you are notified of the changes.

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