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Environment and durability

The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) of the DURUS® EasyFinish polypropylene fibers has been published by EPD Danmark and is accessible on EPD Danmark’s database. Furthermore, the durability has been investigated. Press the flag in your desired language to download the requested document and see for yourself.


The EPD includes Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) results that show the environmental profile of the DURUS® EasyFinish polypropylene fibers. Oh, and the EPD has been prepared by COWI A/S and 3rd party verified by Ramböll Sverige AB.

Durability Assessment

A durability assessment showing that the fibers have sufficient durability, cf. EN 13438, even after 100 years. Did we mention that the fibers can be recovered and recycled?

Technical Data

Technical information at your service

A technical report from Rambøll describing conversions from geotechnical parameters to the modulus of subgrade and technical information about the DURUS® EasyFinish fibers and macro synthetic fibers in general, provided by ADFIL and MSFA, respectively. In these documents you will find that the performance of the fibers is not only incredible, but also verified through a CE marking. Press the flag in your desired language to download the requested document and see for yourself.

Modulus of Subgrade

Learn about the modulus of subgrade and how the undrained cohesion for clay or the drained friction angle for sand can be converted into the modulus of subgrade.

Position Paper

MSFA & FRCA have developed this paper answering some questions that has often been asked based on misleading information. Read it. Get smart.


The Declaration of Performance of the DURUS® EasyFinish fibers. This verifies that the product is CE marked and has been assessed according to the harmonized standard EN 14889-2:2006.


This technical data sheet shows an overview of properties of DURUS® EasyFinish fibers and refers to the harmonized standard EN 14889-2:2006.

Shrinkage Test

Plastic shrinkage test based on ASTM C1579-13, proving it is possible to reduce plastic shrinkage cracks by 100% using fiber reinforcement. That’s actually 0,00 mm cracks!


All our legal documents free for all

All our legal documents have been prepared by certified lawyers from LegalHero ApS. The documents are accessible for everyone. They are all veeery fascinating, but especially the legal note is interesting. Press the flag in your desired language to download the requested document and see for yourself.

Legal Note

Note on any legal challenges in the use of polypropylene fibers as reinforcement. It turns out… there aren’t any. Use fiber reinforcement as much as you want.

License Terms

The license terms you agree to when registering on our website and buying access to our programs. They are very fair.

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Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy. We keep your personal data confidential and safe. They are only used for your own good.


Our professional indemnity and software insurance

Our insurances are provided by Topdanmark Forsikring A/S. We have a professional indemnity and software insurance. They will cover you both when we have given you professional consultancy, as well as when you have used our online programs. Press the flag in your desired language to download the requested document and see for yourself.


This is the certificate of insurance assuring that Topdanmark has indeed issued insurances to us.

Insurance Policy

The insurance policy of our professional liability and software insurances. We’ve got you covered!


The appendix to our insurance policy. This appendix provides you with all the technical information regarding our insurances.

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