The team behind the designs and software enabling the possibility to save time, money, and CO2 with steel and/or fiber reinforcement.


Who we are

We are structural and software engineers aiming to develop the leading calculation software that can help introduce concrete structural solutions that are not only faster, and more practical, but also optimized to reduce CO2-emission by minimizing material consumption and optionally utilizing synthetic fiber reinforcement to decrease the use of steel.

We can help you design your concrete structures with steel reinforcement, fiber reinforcement, or a combination of the two. Or you can use our online software to calculate your concrete structures.

Meet the Team

Who we are and how to contact us

The squad is in great synergy. Experience meets theory. Expertise meets innovation. With a well organized distribution of cases, we make sure all projects are handled correctly and expediently.

Daniel Fester Henningsen

Civil Engineer and Technical Specialist

He wrote not only his bachelor thesis, but also his master thesis, about fiber reinforced concrete, and has been working with polypropylene fiber reinforced concrete ever since.

Joanna Molka

Structural Engineer

She is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to attention to detail and thoroughness. Her dedication to ensuring everything is just right is unparalleled, and we can trust that every aspect of her work will be meticulously executed.

Elliott Brandon

Software Developer

While his knowledge about concrete is near non-existent, his programming skills are omnipresent. Some say, his first words were "Hello, World!".

Benjamin Fester Henningsen

Software Engineer

Bringing his technical skills and cutting edge coding to the world of fiber reinforced concrete this programming ninja is an invaluable asset. He’s fresh out of DTU and like a fiber reinforced slab, he’s all set.


We have worked with some great companies

These companies are trendsetters in the concrete industry! They are either using our programs, and/or they have worked with us on one or several projects. Utilising polypropylene fiber reinforcement saves time, money, and CO2 – and these companies are doing that.


Find useful and relevant documents here.

Find copies of the source documentation for our calculations. You can view out EPD, MSFA Posistion paper and much more. Click here to see our Documentation.

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