Calculation Tools

Let us design your future polypropylene fiber reinforced concrete element.

Calculation Tools

What we can do for you

Let us design your future structural concrete element, using polypropylene fibers instead of conventional reinforcement.


Large area ground supported slabs. Reduce or eliminate conventional steel mesh.

Point Foundations

In-situ cast point foundations. No steel cages.

Strip Foundations

Continuous in-situ cast strip foundations. Remove those steel bars!


In-situ case walls. Reduce or remove steel. Formwork without a fuss.


Precast beams or wall lintels. Nobody likes stirrups.


Floor separation plates. Farewell double mesh.

Calculation Tools

Pricing options for the calculation tools

Pricing of the calculation tools are based on the amount of tools you add to your tool box and the amount of users per tool. The more you buy, the bigger the discount!


500 kr

per user / tool

  •   Good for a trial
  •   Monthly billing
Best Value


3600 kr

per user / tool

  •   Save 2400 kr per year
  •   Monthly billing



per additional tool


per additional user


Your questions answered

We have answered some common questions below. Any other questions, please get in touch.

PPCD stands for Polypropylene Concrete Designs. Polypropylene, also known as polypropene, is the plastic material of which the fibers are made.

Until recently, polypropylene fibers and fibers in general have been widely used as an addition to conventional steel reinforcement to reduce plastic shrinkage, i.e. not as structural reinforcement. Those times are changing. Using data from standardized tests, the material properties of polypropylene fiber reinforced concrete can now be used to design just about any concrete structural element.

Polypropylene fibers can indeed be used instead of steel fibers. Even with several advantages, such as easier pumping, no corrosion and no pointy ends.

Polypropylene fibers can in many cases completely substitute conventional steel reinforcement. In those cases where the fibers simply do not have enough strength, the whole design can be reevaluated (higher concrete quality, larger concrete element, etc.) or we can at least reduce the amount of steel.

Using the Finite Element Method, we can design just about anything. So are you in the business of e.g. precast element of irregular shapes, please contact us. Otherwise, the listed services are a good starting point.

We are working on implementing the programs to the website and making them accessible to the public.

Finite Element Method is a competence within our company, which makes it possible to design just about anything with fibers. So please contact us regarding your specific project.

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